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Graduated from Ferrandi School in Paris, Chef Simon Horwitz goes on experiences within beautiful brigades : Jacques Chibois at the Bastide Saint-Antoine, Sylvestre Wahid at l'Oustau de Baumanière and Le Strato in Courchevel, then Pierre Gagnaire at Le Balzac, in Paris.

In 2011, he seconded his former classmate, Bertrand Grébaut, for the opening of Septime, then took part in of Crom'exquis with  Pierre Meneau.


Before launching his own address, he went to discover other culinary cultures in Southeast Asia. He stopped for a while in Australia in the kitchen of Ben Shewry, at Attica in Melbourne, discovered Hong Kong on the street-food side, landed in Japan to learn about traditional Japanese cuisine before continuing with the starred tables of Kyoto.


Then it is the big leap in South America : Brazil, Bolivia, Mexico - where he officiates alongside Enrique Olvera in the kitchen of Pujol, then Peru with Virgilio Martinez in his Central restaurant. So many experiences that reinforce his taste for the authenticity of the products, the conviviality of large tables and the dishes to share.



Originally from the South-West of France, this wine lover has accumulated the skills of a winegrower, wine merchant and sommelier. He studied at La Maison de l'Aubrac, before joining Le Petit Sommelier, a bistro where he made up the cellar.

In 2013, he took part in Les Rouquins adventure, a wine and tapas bar that encouraged him to put his nose in the kitchen, enough to permanently abolish any distance between kitchen, service and sommellerie. A philosophy that he refined by joining the team of L'Ogre, a carnivorous brewery and which today leads him to participate in Elmer's adventure.